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RST B 20 PHI - RST B 40 PHI - Ball coupling


Pneumatic elevating rotary indexing table with Hydraulic cushioning, Internal control and

Compressed air is the driving energy for these RST - PHI design types facilitating fast switch movement.
To control rapid switching speed even when braking, a pressure transducer has been built-in.
Whereby it is possible to control the speed over the entire area as well as the hydraulic stop position absorbing.
Just like the other ones, these appliances can be supplied with a built-in emergency stop valve.
Via the hydraulic system this valve not only expedites a flawless and gentle emergency stop function but also enables there to be a stop between the work stations.
A change of tool can thereby be done easily and quickly. The entire control is built into the appliance but nevertheless every valve can be accessed from the outside.
It's easy to maintain! Attach the hose and it's ready for operation. Nevertheless it is recommended to pre-switch a maintenance assignment.
The remote control impulse is entered as a positive impulse (pressure impulse). Positive control means trouble free stable correct work.
An unintentional switch move, caused for example by a rupture in a hose, is no longer possible. An „RST has divided“ signal can be taken at the appliance.
For division control, operating side electrical limit switches with 360° switch-off, automatic separation adjustment, are planned.
The basic and smallest built-in fractional pitch is 72. With the V-design (V = adjustable), 10 different divisions can be set using the hand wheel.
With the F-design (F = fixed) the respective division is done by applying a corresponding stroke-arresting pin.
The F-designs are quicker and verify reduction in air required. They should therefore be preferably used in series work.
The appliances are splashproof and can therefore be used without hesitation under diluted soluble oil or cutting oil. Please compare the values of the high locking moments against distortion and tilting!
Precision, robustness and the small exterior measurements despite built-in control make these types into appliances that can stand up to any comparison.
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