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We about us

To link experience and ideas together, to combine proven methods with new ones, thereby to enable us to machine with the utmost precision and to apply the latest technology
Firma Servopress
Technik mit Weitblick
ServoPress Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
has not only specialized on the production and development of rotary indexing tables but the supply of bearing bushes, swivel parts and special constructions also belong to its daily delivery programme. Already in 1967 the first ServoPress rotary indexing table with ball coupling was presented at the IHA in Hannover. ServoPress - rotary indexing tables are the result of years of experience in development and manufacture. They work very precisely, are reliable in continuous operation and especially versatile in their application.

Six good reasons that speak for ServoPress rotary indexing tables:
1. All round greatest precision to ± 0.5 angular second

2. Reliable technique with precision ball or Hirth coupling.

3. Extremely short switching times to under 0.5 seconds with a gentle and fast movement with a sophisticated
   absorbing system.

4. Control and drive can be selected to be controlled either pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically (or in
   combination), or electronically.

5. ServoPress offers an extensive programme and special designs for the manifold assignment in machine
   construction and in handling technology.

6. Extremely serviceable life achieved through rugged construction and high quality surface refinement of the
   construction parts.
ServoPress is continually developing its rotary indexing table programme and complementing its broad product line for new spheres of application.
To accommodate the specific requests of our customers we even construct and assemble customised models to suit their particular needs.
The most modern CAD computer technology supports our construction and development department.
CNC controlled machines and laser technique are used in production.
ServoPress employees are fully committed to the company motto:
"Quintessential precision".

After a conscientious quality control every ServoPress rotary indexing table is given an inspection certificate.
This contains all the information regarding angle, rotary indexing and flat switch precision.
When heavy demands are made on the appliance, the running behaviour is optimised and set to accommodate the simulated load.
This is possible with the shortest possible switching times and most gentle run.
Machined part fastening devices as well as hydraulic drive units with plug and go PLC control are part of the complimentary ServoPress rotary indexing tables supplies.
ServoPress rotary indexing tables are the result of years of experience in development and manufacturing.
They work precisely, are reliable under continuous operation and versatile in their applications.
ServoPress Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Ruit 23 • D-74389 Cleebronn
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